Broccoli AGX 929

85-88 days

Dark green

BROCCOLI EM 929 (Oleza F1)

95 days

Blue green

For cutting or fresh processing.

Broccoli AGX 929

Is ideal for the processing and for the crown cut markets. The heads are dome-shaped, tight, heavy, dark green with short bracts, very tall plants, with very fine beads. Head weight is very heavy to 500-550 grams. Maturity is 85-88 days from transplanting. aVery high percentage of crown cuts aExcellent for processor market aHolding ability


EM 921 is ideal for planting in the desert heat from September to the end of October with a cool climate at the end of February
harvest. In mild coastal areas, plantations can be year-round, but EM 921 prefers warm weather. In the north of Guanajuato
Plant of Mexico in April - July. For cutting or fresh processing.


  • MATURATION 95 days
  • PLANT HEIGHTAverage height
  • UNIFORMITY HARVESTHigh uniformity in harvest maturity
  • HEAD SHAPEDome shape
  • SOFT HEADVery soft
  • HEAD COLORBluish green
  • HEAD SIZEFine to very small
  • STEMEasy and clean cutting