Who we are

Welcome to the website of Newseeds SL. We are a hybrid vegetable seed company dedicated to providing the highest quality seeds to vegetable growers around the world.

As one of the independent seed distributors and producers based in Spain, Newseeds, it meets the needs of commercial producers, distributors, fresh, fresh and food service industries, and ultimately, consumers.

Our company continually finds new ways to awaken consumer appeal for new products that are healthy, tasty and eye-catching.

We invite you to explore this site to obtain information about our fine products and to contact one of our seed advisors to help you in your vegetable needs.

Our main objective is to provide you with the best seed in each delivery. Our seeds are sent to the National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research (INIA), belonging to the Ministry of Rural and Marine Affairs, where varietal purity and germination are carried out to ensure that they are within the established standards.


The tests carried out on seed lots are those established by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).

Newseeds uses hermetic packaging in all its formats. We have different types of packaging, with a very attractive design, which guarantees the inalterability of the seeds. These formats, depending on the species and amount of seed, consist of bags, cans and cubes of different capacity.

The seeds are affected by the environmental conditions in which they are found. The control of relative humidity and temperature is very important during storage to extend the life of the seeds, and thus ensure and maintain the vigor and power of germination.
It is recommended to store the seeds in a dry, cold and stable environment.

It is recommended to store the seeds in a dry, cold and stable environment.